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Learn How To Get off The Tools and RUN your business

Are you a Trades & Construction business owner that is struggling to make money?

Are you struggling to find leads?

Are you a great trades person but don’t understand business or the processes that go into creating and running a successful business?

Do you want to create a company that’s built for Freedom, Profit & choice.

If the answer to this is yes, then this is the course for you.

As a business owner, you shouldn’t be working in your business doing the daily mundane tasks that an employee should be doing.

You should be working ON your business, focusing on scaling, and systemising your Trades and Construction business to accelerate growth.

We have helped hundreds of business owners within the Trades & Construction industry to get off the tools.

Just look at our customer testimonial videos and blogs:

About Trade Mastermind

Trade Mastermind is the UK’S NO.1 Training Provider for the Trades & Construction industry.

By working with the Trade Mastermind, you will learn the blueprint we used to build one of the largest and most famous installation companies in the UK.

Founded by Joseph Valente – BBC The Apprentice Winner, and previously 50% owned by Lord Alan Sugar, Impragas grew from one-man-in-a-van in 2012 to an award-winning company within just 7 years to 2019 with annual revenues of almost £12 million.

At its peak, the business was completing 6000+ installations per year, with almost 100 staff and operated in every major city in the UK (including Scotland and Wales)

How can Trade Mastermind help you achieve 7 Figures?

Now we are here to help you, and the reason why the Trade Mastermind was founded is that there is a lack of training in the marketplace for Trade and Construction business owners. Plumbers start plumbing businesses, electricians run electrical businesses, and builders build houses, but no one is teaching you how to run a business until now.


We are passionate about helping trade and construction business owners be all they can be, get off the tools and have more time, freedom profit.  If this sounds like you, join us to find out how we can help.

If you would like free tips and tricks on how to grow your business to 7 Figures, Please register your interest using the link below:

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