Joseph Valente

Meet the CEO, Founder and visionary leader of Trade Mastermind, Mr Joseph Valente, who began his journey as a one-man-in-a-van setup and grew to the UK’s largest boiler installation company. Winning BBC’s The Apprentice show along the way and winning a £250,000 investment into his company Impragas from Lord Sugar.

Joseph is the only apprentice in the history of the show to come from the Trade Industry, and is the only apprentice to buy out Lord Sugar.

Know the man, know his story, and be inspired.


Trade Mastermind

Joseph Valente is a humble man with some extraordinary achievements.

He is the Founder of The Trade Mastermind and a dedicated construction coach and sole traders mentor, working day and night to help his trainees find success in running a business in their field of expertise.

Through The Trade Mastermind, Joseph wants to help one-man bands, sole traders, and small construction and trade businesses establish a strong footing in the industry and learn how to grow their construction business.

“There is a big shortage of skills in the trades industry in the UK.  Many trades people go to college or get education for their trade, but not many go to business school to learn how to run a business”.  Says Valente 32 from Peterborough, UK.

Valente adds “I see it as my responsibility to help these people Level-up and help them get off the tools so they can spend more time with their families and work on their business rather than work IN their business.”

Joseph Valente - Trade Mastermind


I scaled from one man and a van to a National Company within 7 years with over 150 people in the business doing millions in sales per month.

I’ve made every mistake under the sun, there’s not much I now don’t know! I want you to learn and make money from my successes’ but also learn and save money by knowing my mistakes.


Joseph’s journey to success began when he joined the industry in 2005 as a 15-year-old apprentice. At age 22, he was already the owner of his first business: ImpraGas, which he scaled from being a one-man-in-a-van enterprise to one of the most successful nationwide companies in the industry with 150+ employees and monthly sales in millions.

While he was running his company, Joseph contested in 2015 BBC Apprentice, won the competition, and went into partnership with Lord Sugar. Within 2 years, he bought back Lord Sugar’s 50% share in the company and turned its growth up as the sole leader of the organisation.


As Joseph continued to break through barriers and blaze new trails for tradesman business owners, he decided it was time to practically help his followers with an organised program. Thus, The Trade Mastermind was born in 2018. Since then, Joseph’s incredible Mastermind programs have helped hundreds of sole traders and construction business owners – and Joseph believes he is only getting started.

  • 2015 BBC Apprentice Winner
  • ​Awarded National Installer of the Year
  • Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Number one Best Selling Author
  • IOD Director of the Year
  • ​Number One Business Podcast on iTunes

Joseph is a successful business leader who started his first business at the age of 22 and turned it into a nation’s largest independent boiler installation company recording £1,000,000+ in monthly revenues. With Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy, Joseph is sharing his priceless knowledge to help small business owners scale their businesses fast.