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Former BBC Apprentice Winner Joseph Valente created 100 job opportunities as he looked to expand his business back in October 2022.

The new roles were created by the BBC Apprentice Winner as an extension of his Trade Mastermind business, which mentors business owners in the construction industry.

The new jobs were created to be part of The Trade Mastermind Extra (TME) within the sales division. This opportunity offers flexible working from home opportunities in a bid to help people during the cost-of-living crisis.

How has the response been to the 2015 former BBC Apprentice Winners new job opportunities?

Joseph Valente added “The response that the Trade Mastermind have had from the new work from home opportunities has been incredible! My team received over 1000 applications!

It just shows you the importance of flexible working and the need for opportunity to earn extra income during the cost-of-living crisis.

Providing these job opportunities makes me extremely proud to be a business owner, with a sense of giving back to the community.

Out of the 1000 applications, we have successfully filled over 30 positions and will continue to find suitable people to fill the vacant positions.”

BBC Apprentice Winner – You’re Hired!

Leading the charge for the new Trade Mastermind Extra Team is Emma Cloude.

Highflyer and strong businesswomen, Emma Cloude previously worked for a personal coaching business and led the sales and finance teams. She was also responsible for booking and overseeing monthly events.

Emma will be managing the “Work From Home” sales team, which is a new team which offers flexible working from home opportunities in a bid to help people during the cost of living crisis.

Emma plans to use the strategies and techniques that she developed to motivate and lead from the front. When asked on her thoughts regarding the new role, Emma said:

“What made me want to join was Joseph’s passion for being the best and getting the best out of everyone around him. I believe that by surrounding yourself with great people you have no choice but to level up.

This TME role has brought incredible people together from all over the country and having the flexibility to work from home is a great incentive. I have big plans to keep expanding the team and finding more amazing people. Creating a professional, but also fun environment where people have the opportunity to progress quickly.”

How would you like to work for the BBC Apprentice Winner Joseph Valente?

Are you looking for a fully REMOTE working role?

Are you looking to earn some extra money in your spare time – working flexible hours?

The Trade Mastermind are currently looking for hard working individuals with a great telephone manner. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get involved Telesales Executive.

This position is a great chance for new members to join our team and represent a unique opportunity.

For more information regarding this role, please click here.

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