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Transform Your Boiler Business Into a 7-Figure Empire

The 7-Figure Boiler Business Academy

Unlock the secrets to exponential growth with the 7-Figure Boiler Business Builder Academy. Our comprehensive program is meticulously designed to take your boiler business from barely surviving to thriving. Whether you’re struggling with stagnant sales, operational inefficiencies, or just ready to accelerate your growth, our academy is your pathway to success.
What You Can Expect From This Training Programme
Master High-Converting Lead Generation
Make Sales & Beat All Competition, Without Dropping Your Prices
Build Infrastructure So You Can Earn High Profit Every Single Month!

Join our Boiler Business Builder Academy and you will learn how to improve your marketing, increase your sales conversion, and build the right systems, so you can build a highly-scalable & profitable 7-figure Boiler Installation Business.

Why Choose Our Academy?

Proven Strategies

Learn from the best with techniques that have been tested and proven in the real world. Our graduates have seen their revenues double, triple, and even 10x.

Expert-Led Training

Our trainers are industry leaders who have built their own 7-figure businesses. They know what it takes and will guide you every step of the way.

Tailored Support

Get personalised coaching and support tailored to the unique challenges of your business. You’re not just joining a program; you’re joining a family of professionals dedicated to mutual success.

Get Off The Tools And Grow Your Heating Business To 7 Figures & Beyond!

The 7-Figure Boiler Business Builder Academy is more than just a training program. It’s a transformational experience that equips you with the skills, strategies, and insights needed to dominate the boiler installation market. Our experts have crafted a curriculum that covers everything from advanced sales techniques to operational management, all tailored specifically for the boiler business sector.

Some Of The Topics We Cover

  • Sales Mastery to Achieve 30%+ Conversion
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Recruitment – How to Get The Best Installers
  • Systems & Processes For Painless Operations
  • Knowing Your Numbers: Margins & Profits
  • Infrastructure & Getting The Best Merchants Deals
  • Exit Strategy: What’s Your Gameplan?
  • And Much Much More!

Here’s How It Works…

If you work with the Trade Mastermind, we will teach you our 12-step signature system, which covers marketing, sales, operations, finance and much more, giving you the skills that you need to scale up.

Business Plan

Business Strategy

Company Structure




Supply Chain




Management Reporting

Exit Strategy

Having a business plan in place is essential to ensuring the success of your business. Writing a business plan is sometimes harder than it sounds and can be a relatively daunting task when you do not know where to start. This module will focus on developing your knowledge around business planning and by the end of it, you will develop a framework around confidently writing a relevant plan for your target audience.

Following on from the Business Planning Module, we will now take you through the detail of developing a Business Strategy. Whilst Business Planning covers an overview of a business and illustrates the end goal, Business Strategy is all about creating a map to get there. By the end of this module, you will have an in-depth knowledge of what Business Strategy is and how you will use it and develop your own to make critical decisions within your business.

Creating and company structure for organisational efficiency and for drawing profits out of the company in the most efficient manner is an important aspect of starting and running a business. Quite often, business owners don’t fully understand the pros and cons when deciding what legal structure they should set up for their organisation. We will look into how to ensure that a structure has been created in the correct way to effectively allow for growth over a set period of time.

Marketing is one of the most essential elements in any business operation and it is extremely important to have a strategy in place in order to quantify and forecast where your next set of enquiries will be coming from. You can expect to gain knowledge and insight on a wide variety of marketing strategies. The purpose of the module is to give you an end to end understanding of different marketing activities that you can employ to build an effective overall marketing strategy.

In this Sales Masterclass Module, you can expect to develop your knowledge and skills around Selling in your business. The Module will overview Sales Fundamentals, improving your metrics, handling objections, effective follow up and all the way through to putting together and managing an effective sales team. Having effective Sales Skills and an effective Sales Process will directly impact conversion rates and ultimately, business revenue.

Business Operations is essentially the glue that holds the company together and dictates day to day activity within an organisation. A good business operation will ensure the efficient running of the company and the minimising of risk in every department. All resources within your business will have a guide to follow day-to-day and will ultimately provide you with less exposure as a business owner. We will covere the key elements to consider when designing the Operational element of your company in order to maximise efficiency and profit.

Supply Chain is all about the relationship between Manufacturers, Suppliers and End users. The Supply Chain is an important part of the trade and construction industry. Typically, Supply Chain Management is a little overlooked by small companies until they start growing to larger scales. Developing a knowledge of Supply Chain Management at an early stage can be hugely beneficial to the bottom line of your business. You will have a developed knowledge of Procurement, Purchasing and Structuring Pricing to your end customers.

Good recruitment is vital for every organisation – finding the right people for the right roles at the right time. It ensures that the workforce has the relevant skills and abilities for the organisation's current and future needs. You will gain knowledge and insight on a how to successfully identify and implement an effective recruitment strategy to ensure your business is able to perform to its maximum capability and will give you the knowledge to get your recruitment process right every time.

In this module, you can expect to gain knowledge and insight on Human Resources and how important it is for your business. A Human Resource department will normally handle matters such as recruitment, payroll, employment policies and benefits. We will take you through every element of HR and will give you the knowledge to ensure your business is set up in a way that ensures maximum efficiency.

Finance covers a wide area within business, from bookkeeping and cashflow control, all the way to sources of funding and forecasting. Cash is the lifeblood of a business and so it is important to have a full understanding of the major considerations when it comes to managing it throughout your business. Developing your knowledge around finance is critical to ensuring control as you scale up your business.

We will start to look at how we will achieve constant and never-ending improvement for the organisation. By now, you will have an understanding around how to create infrastructure across different departments in order to scale your business, so using this knowledge, you will be able to focus on how to develop a set of your own Management Information after working through this module.

Exit Strategy is something that is sometimes overlooked by Small Business Entrepreneurs; however, it should be considered as fundamental when running a business. Having a personal vision for the business will provide owners with a clarity of direction, which in turn will motivate and increase production. We will provide an overview of what Exit Strategy is, when it should be considered and what different types of strategies that exist.

Here’s What You’ll Gain:


Mastery of Sales and Marketing

Dive deep into the psychology of sales and learn how to close deals more effectively, ensuring that your business doesn’t just attract leads—it converts them.


Operational Excellence

Streamline your operations for peak efficiency. Learn how to optimise every aspect of your workflow to maximise profit and reduce costs.


Strategic Growth Planning

Develop a crystal-clear, actionable plan that will guide your business to seven figures and beyond. Understand your market better than ever, and find new opportunities for expansion.


Community and Networking

Connect with other ambitious boiler business owners who can share insights, offer support, and provide opportunities for collaboration.


What Other Business Owners Say About This Training…

Choose Your Study Option

Face to Face Study

1 day per month in our Peterborough HQ

  • Immediate Interaction: Receive instant engagement from instructors and peers and receive responses to questions and feedback, facilitating a dynamic learning experience.
  • Instant Feedback & Support: Receive immediate guidance and clarification from instructors, ensuring a deeper understanding of concepts. Benefit from real-time support, enabling quicker problem-solving and progress in learning.
  • Competitive Environment: Thrive in an environment where peers challenge and inspire each other, fostering growth and motivation. Learn from observing others and participating in healthy competition, pushing boundaries and enhancing skill development.
  • Networking: Build strong relationships with classmates and instructors, creating a valuable network for future collaboration and support. Expand professional connections within the industry, opening doors to opportunities and partnerships.

Virtual Study

(1 day per month livestream)

  • Flexible Access: Learn anytime, anywhere, fitting education into your schedule and lifestyle for maximum convenience.
  • Flexible Against Budget: Save on travel and accommodation expenses, reducing the financial burden associated with traditional learning.
  • Learning Pace: Learning at your own pace lets you have ultimate control over your learning process, so it really is one of the biggest benefits of our virtual academy.
  • Online Networking: Build strong relationships with classmates and instructors online, creating a valuable digital network for future collaboration and support. Expand professional connections within the industry, opening doors to opportunities and partnerships.
  • Technical Skills: Online platforms are excellent for enhancing your digital literacy & computer skills.
BOTh options also include as standard

360º Support & Coaching

As part of your Academy membership, you will gain access to Weekly Online Coaching Calls, dedicated Account Manager to support your progress, online networking community, 24/7 access to all training materials including resources, templates and calculators, graduation certificates, quarterly Academy Dinners and more!

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"Coming here today has given me a heads up to where I should be going and what I should be looking at to get to a 7 figure business" "I thought coming to trade mastermind would be a good lead". - Alex Ross Superior household services

Alex Ross

Superior household services
"Constantly chasing up bills, people not paying. The turnover wasn't going there. I didn't know anything about spreadsheets". "It’s the best thing I've ever done really coming to trade mastermind". "My turnover was under 100,00K a year. My annual boiler installs was 12-15 boilers." "In november, ive installed 12 boilers in about 14 days. Its been worth £50,000 worth of work" - Brynn Excel Heat.


Excel Heat
"The challenges I was facing before joining the academy was recruitment issues. I just want to make more money, build a better business and send the business in a better direction". "Something better for my kids when they grow up, just live a better life". "The biggest thing Ive learnt today so far is to try and be a ghost in my own business, try and step back and sell more." My target for the next three months would be buy more leads, dress better when going out on quotations, sell more do more". - Chris Richards Plumbing Hot.

Chris Richards

Plumbing hot
"I haven't really had a major win, but getting stuff almost done. Iv'e struggled with on the business plan. Moving forward, I need to be a lot more organised to go limited." "I need to incorporate my accountant. I don't know what to do when Im there". - Darren Nash Above and Beyond heating.

Darren Nash

Above and beyond heating
"Felt like I was just going round in circles. I know how to fit boilers, a little bit of how to sell them. But I didn't know how to grow and progress my business". "That's why im here to get the guidance from trade mastermind". "my biggest wins so far, normally I'd sell one boiler a week or maybe even one boiler a month. But for me to do 3 boilers a week, just by using some of the tactics that these guys showed me, really made me believe in this." "Being out here and seeing theres a lot of other guys in the same boat as me, has made me feel a lot more confident of myself and my skills". - Dillain Walsh

Dillian Walsh

"I would definitely reconmend coming, I've learnt I need to step away from the day to day running as fast as possible to concentrate on working on the business, not working in the business". "Today alone, I've learnt a lot more or reminded myself of some of the stuff I've learned previously, and have forgotten all about". -Gaz Archer Fixed Bot LTD

Gaz Archer

Fixed Bot LTD
"What I've learnt already has pretty much blown my mind." "The main challenges are where to get leads. How to get the work in. Probably the sales." "I just want to go and just implement what I've already learnt." "My business goals is basically to eventually be off the tools. I don't want to be fitting boilers when Im like 50 years old." "I was a good few vans on the road, a regional sized company". -Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor

"The problem I had before joining trade mastermind was learning the systems and processes not getting enough leads. Trade mastermind has helped with that massively".Trade mastermind has helped me with different customers and objections and showing us how to correctly handle the leads, employing people" "The most valuable is each module for the 12 month period. Every session." -Joseph Hammer H. Systems.

Joseph Hammer

H. systems
"The problem I had before joining trade mastermind was learning the systems and processes not getting enough leads. Trade mastermind has helped with that massively".Trade mastermind has helped me with different customers and objections and showing us how to correctly handle the leads, employing people" "The most valuable is each module for the 12 month period. Every session." -Joseph Hammer H. Systems.


Heat care south
"We offer installations, office fit-outs,larger scale VRV VRS systems. That’s the commercial side." "I was sceptical at first, thinking it's going into a boiler guide. But acually a mate of mine did this last year. He's scaled his business to a whole new level." "I joined the academy in December so `I could start the new year ready to hit those levels that I wanted to." "I've always been a grafter, just working all these hours under the sun and not really knowing the logistics of the business and how its running. Where my moneys being wasted." from understanding that you can buy leads, I've gained 15,000 profit since Ive started just from my lead gens." "I understand so much better, where I am and where I need to be and the expectations that I need to be setting." "As of recently, I got another engineer and apprentice so that way, Im able to free myself up more to see where I could be making profit, rather than doing the constant work." "My conversion rate at the moment is 50%. What I need to work on is a follow up, which I've been taught today." "In 3 years time Im going to have 2 admin, a sales, three teams. By next year, I want to be doubling my turnover to half a million. Then in 3 years, that 7 figure".

Aidan Blackwell

AB Aircon Solutions Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plumbing and heating businesses can benefit from Trade Mastermind?
Trade Mastermind is suitable for plumbing and heating businesses of all sizes and scopes, from small local operations to large-scale contractors. Our custom solutions are designed to enhance your service efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth, no matter your market focus.
What growth strategies does Trade Mastermind offer for plumbing and heating businesses?
Our growth strategies are tailored to help you expand your customer base, enter new markets, and enhance your service offerings. From digital marketing tips to customer relationship management, we equip you with the tools and insights needed to secure a competitive edge and drive sustainable business growth.
What kind of training and development does Trade Mastermind offer for plumbing and heating professionals?
We offer a range of training opportunities tailored to the plumbing and heating industry, including sales training to increase your conversion rate, marketing excellence workshops, and 7-Figure Boiler Business Builder Academy. These training programs are designed to keep you and your team skilled, knowledgeable, and ahead of the competition.
How beneficial is the community network at Trade Mastermind for plumbing and heating professionals?
Being part of our community offers you the opportunity to network with other plumbing and heating professionals, share best practices, and gain insights from peers who have encountered and overcome similar business challenges. This network fosters a collaborative environment for innovation and continuous improvement.
Why are you promoting the boiler installation model for heating businesses?
We promote the boiler installation model because it presents significant opportunities for growth and profitability within the heating sector. This model not only meets the rising demand for energy-efficient heating solutions but also offers higher margin returns compared to standard repair services. By focusing on boiler installations, businesses can capitalise on the ongoing shift towards more sustainable energy sources, securing a competitive advantage and future-proofing their operations.
Does the Academy training only work for boiler installations?
No, our Academy training is comprehensive and designed to enhance a wide range of skills and business operations within the heating industry. While we do provide specialised training for boiler installations, including leadgen best practices, sales techniques, and pricing models, these skills are easily transferrable to other verticals like heat pumps, solar, or aircon. Our training modules include areas like business planning, sales, marketing, finance, HR, operations, ensuring our members are well-equipped to handle diverse business challenges.
Is the training accredited?
Yes, the training provided through Trade Masterind Academy is accredited by relevant industry bodies including The CPD Standards. This is to ensure that our training courses meet stringent quality standards and are recognised by industry professionals. This accreditation not only underscores the quality and relevance of our training but also means that completing our courses can help enhance your credentials, making your business more attractive to potential customers and giving your team a mark of excellence to be proud of.

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