Kevin Jones: from 5 boiler sales to 29 per month

“Before I started, my business was basically me and the labourer, and I was overworked. I was making a decent amount of money, but it was never going to be sustainable, and I knew things had to change…

When I first started the Academy, I sold 5 [boilers] in the first month, 8 in the second, 9 in the third. Since then, I’ve regularly sold in the 20’s, 29 last month.

Looking back at my first year of training with TM, I used to earn around £120,000 per year, as of today, I’ve just made one sale that made us £500,000…we’re on track for 7 figures this year, and I’m not on the tools anymore! Within 3 months of Academy, my business had completely changed for the better”

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