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Transform your trades business into a 7-figure empire!

The 7-Figure Construction Business Academy

Are You Ready to Transform Your Construction Business Into a Seven-Figure Powerhouse?
Join the 7-Figure Construction Business Builder Academy and unlock the full potential of your company. This comprehensive training program is specifically designed for construction business owners who are determined to break through the barriers that have held them back and achieve unprecedented levels of success and profitability.
What You Can Expect From This Training Programme
Master High-Converting Lead Generation & Follow up
Improve sale conversion & beat all competition, without dropping your prices
Build Infrastructure so you can earn high profit every single month!

Join the Construction Business Builder Academy and you will learn how to improve your marketing, grow your sales and set up the right systems, so you can build a highly scalable & profitable 7-figure constuction business.

Why Choose Our Academy?

Proven Growth Strategies

Learn from the best in the business with strategies that have been tested and proven across the construction industry.

Expert-Led Proven Training

Gain insights from leaders who have successfully scaled their construction businesses to 7-figures and beyond.

Tailored Support

Receive personalised coaching and support targeted to the unique needs and challenges of your construction business.

Get Off The Tools And Grow Your Construction Business to 7 Figures & Beyond!

Our academy is a premier, transformational experience tailored specifically for the construction industry. We provide a rigorous curriculum that covers every aspect of scaling a construction business—from advanced sales strategies and operational excellence to leadership and digital marketing.

Some Of The Topics We Cover:

  • Sales Mastery to Achieve 30%+ Conversion
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Recruitment – How to Get The Best Staff
  • Systems & Processes For Painless Operations
  • Knowing Your Numbers: Margins & Profits
  • Infrastructure & Getting The Best Merchants Deals
  • Exit Strategy: What’s Your Gameplan?
  • And Much Much More!

Here’s How It Works…

If you work with the Trade Mastermind, we will teach you our 12-step signature system, which covers marketing, sales, operations, finance and much more, giving you the skills that you need to scale up.

Business Plan

Business Strategy

Company Structure




Supply Chain




Management Reporting

Exit Strategy

Having a business plan in place is essential to ensuring the success of your business. Writing a business plan is sometimes harder than it sounds and can be a relatively daunting task when you do not know where to start. This module will focus on developing your knowledge around business planning and by the end of it, you will develop a framework around confidently writing a relevant plan for your target audience.

Following on from the Business Planning Module, we will now take you through the detail of developing a Business Strategy. Whilst Business Planning covers an overview of a business and illustrates the end goal, Business Strategy is all about creating a map to get there. By the end of this module, you will have an in-depth knowledge of what Business Strategy is and how you will use it and develop your own to make critical decisions within your business.

Creating and company structure for organisational efficiency and for drawing profits out of the company in the most efficient manner is an important aspect of starting and running a business. Quite often, business owners don’t fully understand the pros and cons when deciding what legal structure they should set up for their organisation. We will look into how to ensure that a structure has been created in the correct way to effectively allow for growth over a set period of time.

Marketing is one of the most essential elements in any business operation and it is extremely important to have a strategy in place in order to quantify and forecast where your next set of enquiries will be coming from. You can expect to gain knowledge and insight on a wide variety of marketing strategies. The purpose of the module is to give you an end to end understanding of different marketing activities that you can employ to build an effective overall marketing strategy.

In this Sales Masterclass Module, you can expect to develop your knowledge and skills around Selling in your business. The Module will overview Sales Fundamentals, improving your metrics, handling objections, effective follow up and all the way through to putting together and managing an effective sales team. Having effective Sales Skills and an effective Sales Process will directly impact conversion rates and ultimately, business revenue.

Business Operations is essentially the glue that holds the company together and dictates day to day activity within an organisation. A good business operation will ensure the efficient running of the company and the minimising of risk in every department. All resources within your business will have a guide to follow day-to-day and will ultimately provide you with less exposure as a business owner. We will covere the key elements to consider when designing the Operational element of your company in order to maximise efficiency and profit.

Supply Chain is all about the relationship between Manufacturers, Suppliers and End users. The Supply Chain is an important part of the trade and construction industry. Typically, Supply Chain Management is a little overlooked by small companies until they start growing to larger scales. Developing a knowledge of Supply Chain Management at an early stage can be hugely beneficial to the bottom line of your business. You will have a developed knowledge of Procurement, Purchasing and Structuring Pricing to your end customers.

Good recruitment is vital for every organisation – finding the right people for the right roles at the right time. It ensures that the workforce has the relevant skills and abilities for the organisation's current and future needs. You will gain knowledge and insight on a how to successfully identify and implement an effective recruitment strategy to ensure your business is able to perform to its maximum capability and will give you the knowledge to get your recruitment process right every time.

In this module, you can expect to gain knowledge and insight on Human Resources and how important it is for your business. A Human Resource department will normally handle matters such as recruitment, payroll, employment policies and benefits. We will take you through every element of HR and will give you the knowledge to ensure your business is set up in a way that ensures maximum efficiency.

Finance covers a wide area within business, from bookkeeping and cashflow control, all the way to sources of funding and forecasting. Cash is the lifeblood of a business and so it is important to have a full understanding of the major considerations when it comes to managing it throughout your business. Developing your knowledge around finance is critical to ensuring control as you scale up your business.

We will start to look at how we will achieve constant and never-ending improvement for the organisation. By now, you will have an understanding around how to create infrastructure across different departments in order to scale your business, so using this knowledge, you will be able to focus on how to develop a set of your own Management Information after working through this module.

Exit Strategy is something that is sometimes overlooked by Small Business Entrepreneurs; however, it should be considered as fundamental when running a business. Having a personal vision for the business will provide owners with a clarity of direction, which in turn will motivate and increase production. We will provide an overview of what Exit Strategy is, when it should be considered and what different types of strategies that exist.

Here’s What You’ll Gain:


Complete Sales Mastery

Equip yourself with cutting-edge sales techniques to significantly improve your closing rates and handle price objections with ease.


Operational Efficiency

Streamline your operations to reduce costs, improve project turnaround times, and increase customer satisfaction.


Strategic Marketing & LeadGen

Implement robust marketing strategies that effectively target and attract your ideal clients, expanding your reach and boosting your market presence.


Community and Networking

Connect with other ambitious construction business owners, share experiences, and form strategic alliances

What Other Business Owners Say About This Training…

Choose Your Study Option

Face to Face Study

1 day per month in our Peterborough HQ

  • Immediate Interaction: Receive instant engagement from instructors and peers and receive responses to questions and feedback, facilitating a dynamic learning experience.
  • Instant Feedback & Support: Receive immediate guidance and clarification from instructors, ensuring a deeper understanding of concepts. Benefit from real-time support, enabling quicker problem-solving and progress in learning.
  • Competitive Environment: Thrive in an environment where peers challenge and inspire each other, fostering growth and motivation. Learn from observing others and participating in healthy competition, pushing boundaries and enhancing skill development.
  • Networking: Build strong relationships with classmates and instructors, creating a valuable network for future collaboration and support. Expand professional connections within the industry, opening doors to opportunities and partnerships.

Virtual Study

(1 day per month livestream)

  • Flexible Access: Learn anytime, anywhere, fitting education into your schedule and lifestyle for maximum convenience.
  • Flexible Against Budget: Save on travel and accommodation expenses, reducing the financial burden associated with traditional learning.
  • Learning Pace: Learning at your own pace lets you have ultimate control over your learning process, so it really is one of the biggest benefits of our virtual academy.
  • Online Networking: Build strong relationships with classmates and instructors online, creating a valuable digital network for future collaboration and support. Expand professional connections within the industry, opening doors to opportunities and partnerships.
  • Technical Skills: Online platforms are excellent for enhancing your digital literacy & computer skills.
BOTh options also include as standard

360º Support & Coaching

As part of your Academy membership, you will gain access to Weekly Online Coaching Calls, dedicated Account Manager to support your progress, online networking community, 24/7 access to all training materials including resources, templates and calculators, graduation certificates, quarterly Academy Dinners and more!

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Discover the transformative experiences of our past participants who have seen their businesses thrive and profit soar after completing our academy.
"I havent actually known what I'm going to do with my busines. Never had a strategy in place". "Knowing which way to go is the hardest thing I'm finding. I think business growth is part of it. I think that’s the main thing I'm going to be looking for." "Over the years I've been very skeptical about all these sorts of things. And I think unless you're willing to dive in and commit, then I don't think you're going to get a reward out of it." "I need to know where my business is going to be in 3 months, as in financially turnover-wise. I need to have a projection. I need to know where I'm going to be in 12 months."- Ian Mackenzie MCK plumbing and heating.

Ian Mackenzie

MCK plumbing and heating
"I was going from job to job not really knowing what I was doing. Living day by day.I wanted to improve my business and grow bigger and better." "My biggest challenge has been competitiveness, I.E. Going to a job, pricing it up and not really getting it". "My next goal for the next month is to do 10-15 boilers and also employ an engineer to help me with those boilers as well". Jack Canuck Canuck Heating

Jack Canuck

Canuck heating
"Spending half a morning here, I have learned more than what I've learned in the past six years". "My biggest challenge is cashflow, actually being able to run a business instead of being a plumber." "Started searching for support because I've just been going round in circles. Finding myself in the same position a few months down the line". -Joe Hamer

Joe Hamer

"So far the biggest challenges I've had, admin, getting the jobs in, just basically having a structure to the business and knowing where you're going in the future. Not winging it." "My goal for the next month trying to at least try and get a minimum of five boilers per week. So if I could get 10-12 boilers at the end of the month, then we'll be happy" - Kevin Placid KSB Plumbing LTD.

Kevin Placid

KSB Plumbing LTD
"Biggest wins is definitely this month, from going for about average two boilers a month to so far 11, with a couple more to go out and quote. So hopefully want to be hitting 15 to be honest. Just got two new vans as well." "It shows you quite quickly, even our first month of where we were going wrong. "Goal for next moth, 20 boilers by december. Actually be able to keep an eye on the profit margins of it now." -Mark Glow Glow Plumbing and Heating

Mark Glow

Glow plumbing and heating
"Before I joined the Trade Mastermind, turnover was about 600K. The confidence wasn't there. I was looking at every other company rather than my own.When I met Joe and the team, they looked at what I was doing wrong. Then we grew from that point" "The boiler event really helped me because it confirmed how to sell, and made sure I was selling correctly. We are currently at 250K more, infact we are more than that. We are nearly at 1Million pounds now. This year we will do 1million then next year we will do 1.2 Million." "Biggest benefit I've found joining trade Mastermind, being around likeminded people." - Mick Norris

Mick Norris

"I've done about 40 last year, mostly through stuff like checkatrade, referrals and recommendation. This week we've hit 100 this year" "If you want to get off of the tools and learn how to build a business as opposed to just running around being a plumber, then I would recommend it. Take all the advice they give you and get it all into place as quick as you can" -Paul


AC heating

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Trade Mastermind do for small construction businesses?
Trade Mastermind offers tailored support for small construction businesses, helping you navigate common challenges with strategic planning and resource management. We provide tools and advice on securing high-margin projects, managing budgets effectively, and establishing a strong brand presence in the competitive construction market.
How does Trade Mastermind assist larger construction firms in maintaining their industry lead?
For larger firms, our focus is on enhancing operational efficiency and exploring new markets. We offer advanced project management tools and calculators, personalised training programs, and innovation strategies that help larger businesses streamline their operations, reduce costs, and capitalise on emerging construction trends and technologies.
Is Trade Mastermind's training and support only available in-person?
No, we offer a flexible mix of training and support options including online courses, hybrid, and in-person options. This blended approach ensures that you can access our expertise regardless of your location, with opportunities to engage directly with trainers and industry experts.
How does the community network benefit construction businesses?
Being part of the Trade Mastermind community allows you to connect with other construction businesses that share similar goals and challenges. This network is a valuable resource for collaboration, sharing best practices, finding subcontractors, or even forming partnerships for larger bids. It also provides a platform for discussing industry developments and potential regulatory impacts.
What type of growth strategies does Trade Mastermind provide?
We develop bespoke growth strategies that might include market expansion advice, digital marketing tactics, customer relationship management, and guidance on entering new construction sectors like green building or smart construction technologies. Each strategy is tailored to align with your specific business goals and the current market environment.
What are the first steps for a construction business owner looking to work with Trade Mastermind?
The first step is to sign up for an introductory Business Builder Discovery Day or a consultation through our website. This session will provide an overview of the market, the opportunities available, and how Trade Mastermind can specifically help your business grow in your trade. Following the initial consultation, we can tailor a training plan that suits your business’s needs and goals.

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