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Well, the summer certainly finished quickly didn’t it!  But that means that its finally Boiler Season…

And that means that it’s time to fill up your diaries with appointments and get lots of deals closed in the home!

Joseph Valente has developed the 7-Figure Boiler Business Builder Blueprint, powered by the success of growing the largest independent boiler installation company in the UK – Impragas.     Joseph shot to fame as he won task after task each week on the hit BBC Show – The Apprentice.   Crowned winner after 16 weeks, Joseph earned a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar in his business, which he transitioned from a maintenance business into a boiler installation machine that had over 100 staff, and was installing 600 boilers per month in every major city in England Scotland and Wales.

Joseph is also assisted by new Boiler Academy Tutor Paul Selman, who himself was a client of Trade Mastermind.  Paul successfully grow his business from £180k turnover to £1.2million in 18 months and achieved a 6 figure sale earlier this year.

Paul started his career in the Royal Navy, but found himself in the loft fixing boilers in his Plumbing and Heating Business.   Convinced there had to be a better way,  Paul took to the internet to find help… and up popped Joseph and one of his entertaining Facebook Adverts. (yes you’ve seen them too right? 😊)

Having followed the blueprint, Paul sold his business, has started other successful businesses and used the transferable skills, ventured into property investment, and has now joined us as our first Trade Coach and is the head tutor for the Boiler Academy 12 month programme.

Trade Mastermind
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Trade Mastermind CEO Joseph Valente commented “When I started the Trade Mastermind just 2 short years ago my aim was solely to teach businesses what it really takes to start, scale and grow a company.

And back then I could have only dreamed of the success we have created today.

But today is a particularly special day as Paul Selman one of the business owners I started to coach 12 plus months ago who we helped scale from £150,000 to 1.5 million in such a short time and exit for 6 figures, is today running our first ever 7 figure Boiler Business Builder Academy as the Head Coach.

When the student becomes the teacher you known you’ve done a good job, good luck Paul im proud of what you’ve achieved.

And this is a shining example to all the other companies out there what can be achieved.”

If you know a plumbing and heating business owners struggling to maximise his business tell them to call us now on:  0330 058 7100

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