from 300K a year to 3 million a year hi Joseph Valente here from the trade Mastermind and today I am on site with Chris Sadler at his new offices Chris has got a solar business and he’s been able to transform from a domestic Electrical Company into an incredibly fast growing solar business while working with the trade Mastermind I always wanted to get to something like this but I spent 10 years and never got anywhere and it got to the point when I was thinking about you know going back into employment or just scrapping the whole idea an email dropped in from a guy called Joseph Valente free webinar yeah no worries I I’ll go and did that and guess what here we are 18 months later uh took my business from 300K a year to 3 million a year you know I’ve done all the hard work but literally it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t have been introduced to trade Mastermind well done you know you’ve come from 300K in maintenance to now nearly 3 million in solar sales and you’re growing and growing and growing every time I speak to you what were you looking for were you frustrated were you annoyed were you angry were you tired I think it was the fact of like getting off the tools or actually seeing a way that you could increase your business you know the idea of how can you generate profit and um I thought this is brilliant this company just ring you up and then they start to ask how businesses and they start to give you lots of give great advice so we provided you with lots of upfront value and you thought you know what because they’re putting so much in at the front end it’s now worth me working with them or committing to them find need to progress I got to see you know it try the next step and step it worked and then and then I gave me the confidence to The Next Step so I think you said before like you’ve got to be good at making quick decisions so that’s really important to note as Chris has said you know he didn’t just jump straight in he came to one of our free Discovery days he watched one of our webinars you know he had plenty of calls with the business development manager before he decided to commit to the next level and that’s what our business is all about is providing loads of upfront value educating you as the um business owner to understand why why you need training originally if my memory says me correctly you came into to do an EV model didn’t you cuz you saw the benefiting going after bigger ticket sales the EV you had a model there so it’s something you could you could repeat first thing actually really I got from it was actually to build your business model and start tracking if you’re making profit from your jobs and then when I analyzed it we were taking on these massive jobs I remember we got a rewire job of 40 Grand 40 Grand job brilliant um that job I wish we never took it on like I think we literally probably came away with about 5p it was we just shouldn’t have done it but it felt so good at the time and it wasn’t until I started tracking it that I saw how much of a drain it was so if you’re an electrician and you’re doing your maintenance work when you suddenly introduce an EV charge point when you can make like3 or 400 profit off of it and you’re you’re doing the work yourself so you still get paid and you get that profit as well you can’t there isn’t anything out there in the you know as a small domestic electrician thing what you’ve said is absolutely bang on for most trades people in every sector really you know they are taking big ticket jobs they win contracts or you know whatever it may be and they’re going after that Revenue number without tracking the profit you know soz I’m a Tradesman um from previous and I used to be exactly the same you know I want a big 30 40 Grand job and actually like we were discussing on the boardroom table the moment ago you know those are the jobs that you don’t end up making any money on you think they’re big because usually there’s so many moving Parts you haven’t got the systems or the procedures to track it we were going for Kimberly V but then you clearly spotted that you know solar was the one to go for we agreed it was bigger ticket bigger opportunity same work and that was when kimal solo was born is that right yeah yeah I I I did it at the same time as soon as after the first training I knew that we wanted to go into Renewables it never I always just felt that I couldn’t do solar cuz it’s such a competitive market there’s these massive companies out there with these sales processes and all these procedures and there’s no way as a small company that we could compete with that so why even bother but then after the initial sales training that we had with you I realized no we can do this and we can build this up and make it something you know operating model that you said you identified you know when you realize that you know there’s a model there that can be scaled is really important for everybody watching this video to not it’s that you know if you’re doing lots of different job with lots of different margins where you can’t predict the leads and you can’t predict the sales and you can’t forecast the cash flow then you’re always going to run a very difficult challenging business bigger ticket bigger margin same amount of effort to acquire the customer but more profit on the job to chase so you going to give us a touring yeah yeah come on so that’s the trip at Kimble Tech coming to a close for today thank you Chris thank you thank you Rebecca well done to you guys you’ve absolutely smashed it and if you want to join the trade Mastermind and do what Chris and the Kimble Tech Team have done then make sure you go to our website www. trademaster and follow the steps from there