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Lewis has been a client of Trade Mastermind for nearly two years, and today, we’ll delve into his remarkable journey. We’ll explore why he started with Trade Mastermind, where his business stood at the outset, how it has evolved, and what exciting plans the future holds.

A Humble Beginning

Lewis, the owner of Swift Heating and Gas Services, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as a one-man plumbing and heating business. Like many sole proprietors, he worked tirelessly, trying to build a business and make a living. During this period, he faced the challenges that are common to any small business owner – long hours, limited time for himself, and the daunting task of managing all aspects of the business.

As he recalls, it was around two years ago that he stumbled upon an online video that would change the trajectory of his business and his life. This video led him to Trade Mastermind, sparking the beginning of a transformative journey.

The Power of Transformation

Upon joining Trade Mastermind, Lewis found a supportive community and valuable resources that guided him in structuring his business. He learned the importance of having a business plan, systems, and processes in place, and most importantly, the concept of not being trapped in the day-to-day operations of the business. The program encouraged him to focus on strategic growth rather than just being a technician.

This shift in mindset and strategy opened the door to immense opportunities and success for Lewis and his business. He realised that to achieve his goals, he needed to hire the right people, invest in solid CRM systems, and establish regular reporting mechanisms to keep his team accountable.

The Soaring Growth

With the newfound knowledge and strategies from Trade Mastermind, Lewis didn’t just rest on his laurels. His journey over the past year is a testament to his dedication and drive. He transitioned from a one-man band to a thriving team with remarkable growth in the number of employees.

His company, Swift Heating and Gas Services, has become one of the top domestic boiler installers in Lincolnshire. The impressive growth in revenue, increased boiler installations, and expanding market reach illustrate the incredible success of his business. Lewis’s hard work, dedication, and commitment have paid off, turning his dream into a reality.

The Future Beckons

When asked about his future plans, Lewis expressed his aspiration to solidify his position as the best in Lincolnshire while continuing to expand his business geographically. His vision includes serving customers all along the east coast of England, reaching from Newcastle down to Essex. With ambitious dreams that extend to Scotland and Wales, Lewis is a prime example of how determination and strategic business growth can lead to incredible achievements.

Final Thoughts

Lewis’s journey, marked by his willingness to learn, adapt, and take action, is a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in the plumbing and heating industry. His story underscores the importance of belief in a process, hiring the right people, and facing challenges head-on. By committing to the journey and striving for continuous improvement, entrepreneurs like Lewis can reach new heights of success.