We were joined, on our podcast, by some of our ambassadors from both the Renewables Business Builder Academy and the Boiler Business Builder Academy. Our guests are at different stages of their journeys, and they are here to discuss why they joined the academy, where they are now, and their goals for the future.

Meet the Panel:

Let’s start by introducing our panel:

  • Joe: Joe’s company specializes in boiler installations and air conditioning services.
  • Jamie: Jamie’s new business focuses on helping landlords improve their properties’ energy performance and achieve Net Zero targets, with a particular emphasis on solar solutions.
  • Ren: Ren, a skilled electrician, aims to provide direction to his business and enhance his knowledge.
  • Mark: Mark, a seasoned tradesman with 25 years of experience, is looking to advance his knowledge and business skills.

Why Join the Academy:

Each of our panellists had unique reasons for joining the academy:

  • Joe emphasized the importance of proper education and guidance when entering a new industry, especially one as promising as renewables.
  • Ren, who has been operating his business for 16 years, admitted to not knowing much about the business side of things. He recognized the need for direction and wanted to improve his understanding of running a successful company.
  • Jamie, who has been successful in the property world, chose to acquire specialized knowledge and expertise in the renewable energy sector, given its tremendous growth potential.
  • Mark, with 25 years of experience, saw value in learning from those who have faced similar challenges and understand the language of tradesmen.

Goals for the Future:

Our panellists discussed their aspirations for the future:

  • Ren expressed a desire to transition away from the physical work, as his back was showing signs of strain. He aims to know how to run his business efficiently.
  • Jamie emphasized the need to create a strong brand identity and reputation.
  • Joe set ambitious financial goals, aiming to achieve £100 million in revenue within five years.
  • Mark and Jamie noted the importance of properly managing their teams and ensuring the quality of their services as they scale up.

Challenges and Worries:

As they look to the future, our panellists also discussed their concerns:

  • Jamie is primarily concerned about effective operations and quality control to ensure customers’ satisfaction.
  • Ren wants to make sure he can deliver as the business grows.
  • Mark is worried about releasing control as his business expands, which is a common concern for many business owners.
  • Joe is focused on ensuring that the company can continue delivering excellent service as they grow and scale.


As they embark on their academy journey, they will gain valuable knowledge, mentoring, and tools to tackle the hurdles that lie ahead, transforming their businesses into thriving ventures.