Welcome to the Trade Secrets podcast, the premier podcast in the construction industry, hosted by Joseph Valente and Paul Selman. Get ready to be motivated, inspired, and educated as we dive deep into the world of construction business transformation.

In this episode, Joseph Valente sits down with David and Terry to bring you another edition of Trades Talk. These two dynamic guests share their journey and experiences in the construction industry, and how they’ve embarked on a transformational path with the guidance of the Trade Mastermind program.

David and Terry talk about their introduction to Trade Mastermind, highlighting the value they found in the program to navigate the challenges of their business. They discuss their vision for the future, including ambitious financial goals and expanding their services into solar, electric vehicle charging, and more.

This podcast episode offers insights into the power of seeking support, discovering what you don’t know, and the importance of self-belief when building a successful business. David and Terry share their experiences with Trade Mastermind, and how it has helped them redefine their path and set clear objectives for their business.

Join us in this engaging conversation, and hear firsthand how Trade Mastermind is transforming businesses and empowering entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

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