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In this episode, we have special guests from Pro-Link Energy Solutions, who have been on a transformative journey with the Trade Mastermind program. Join Paul Selman as he sits down with these industry experts to explore their experiences, growth, and vision in the ever-evolving construction and renewables sector.

Matthew and Peter share their extensive background in construction and discuss their decision to venture into the renewables market after being in the industry for over three decades. They highlight the importance of adapting to market demand and how Trade Mastermind has played a crucial role in their transition.

Throughout the episode, you’ll discover how the Trade Mastermind Academy has helped Pro-Link Energy Solutions streamline their processes, improve sales techniques, and create a more efficient and scalable business model. With a strong focus on customer education and showcasing value, they aim to provide their clients with innovative renewable energy solutions.

Join us as we explore their goals for the future, including ambitious revenue targets, and learn how they plan to revolutionize their business and tap into the growing renewables market. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Matthew, Peter, and Paul Selman, and stay tuned for more Trade Secrets podcast episodes.

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