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David and Terry, who are a part of The Trade Mastermind, share their journey and experiences in the trades, discussing the challenges they faced, how they found Trade Mastermind, and their plans for the future. 

Discovering Trade Mastermind: A Game-Changer

David explains that they had a lull in their business in February and March, which raised concerns about their financial stability. They realised that they needed guidance to overcome this challenge. So, they searched online for help and came across Trade Mastermind on Instagram. Recognizing the value it could offer, they decided to give it a try, seeking direction to grow their business.

The Power of Self-Belief and Learning

It’s important to emphasise the importance of recognising the knowledge gaps in running a successful business and accepting that there’s always more to learn. David and Terry both agree that they initially lacked an understanding of how to organize their business effectively.

David points out that the Trade Mastermind experience has been an eye-opener. They’ve learned how essential it is to set boundaries and salaries within their business. Trade Mastermind has provided them with tools and information they didn’t have previously, which has boosted their self-belief.

Building a Strong Partnership

It’s important to have the passion and enthusiasm when building a brand and pushing your business forward. David and Terry’s partnership demonstrates this synergy, with both sharing different skills that complement each other’s strengths. They’ve committed to helping each other grow and envision a future that’s rich with potential.

A Clear Vision for the Future

When asked about their goals for the next 12 months, David shares their ambitious aim to achieve a minimum of half a million in revenue. With one full-time employee, three surveyors, and an electrician joining the team, their growth prospects look promising. They plan to expand their services from East London to South East London, even reaching Essex. Joseph encourages them to remain focused on their vision and the path to achieving their goals.

The Power of Trade Mastermind

David and Terry believe that the biggest lesson they’ve learned from Trade Mastermind is how much they didn’t know about running a business effectively. The program has opened their eyes to the crucial aspects of business organisation, boundaries, and self-belief.

They express that Trade Mastermind has shown them what’s achievable, and the financial figures they’ve seen are a testament to the potential they hold. They realise the endless possibilities when they add electrical and solar services to their business.