Welcome to the Trade Secrets blog, where you get the inside scoop on the construction industry. Our podcast is hosted by Joseph Valente and Paul Selman, this blog aims to motivate, inspire, and educate you about the world of trades. In this episode, we’re joined by two exceptional guests, Joe and Kev, who will share their journey of transitioning their businesses into boiler installation companies. Join us as they reveal their experiences, challenges, and future aspirations.

From Maintenance to Installation: A Transformative Journey

Joe and Kev, both of whom have successfully shifted their businesses from being maintenance-oriented to specialised boiler installation companies. Joe begins by explaining his company’s background, which was initially focused on bathrooms and maintenance. Despite initial hesitations, he realized that diversifying his business was essential for growth. With guidance from Trade Mastermind, he made a bold decision to solely concentrate on boiler installations and even expanded into other verticals.

Kev, on the other hand, was primarily a contractor with NHS contracts but recognised that he had hit a glass ceiling. He decided to pursue mentorship and found Trade Mastermind, which significantly changed his business life. He transitioned from being a tradesman to a businessman, concentrating on private domestic installations, which transformed his financial outlook.

Mastering the Numbers: Overcoming Challenges

One common challenge that both Joe and Kev faced was the need to improve their understanding of the financial side of their businesses. They confessed that spreadsheets and technology were not their strong suits. However, they embraced the importance of grasping their business’s financial details and used the guidance and tools offered by Trade Mastermind to bridge their knowledge gaps.

Envisioning the Future: Ambitious Goals

Joseph Valente asks Joe and Kev about their aspirations for the near future. Kev expresses his goal of selling 45 boilers a month, a target influenced by Trade Mastermind’s guidance and success stories. He envisions his business expanding with the addition of sales staff, installation teams, and an admin staff member. Kev also hopes to branch into solar and other verticals.

Joe’s vision for the future includes retaining ownership of his business. While many dream of selling their companies, he desires to keep an active role and establish other businesses. He is keen on freeing up his time and allowing his company to operate efficiently without his daily involvement.