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Customer Focus for October 2022 – Story Electrical

Each month we will be doing a customer focus and looking closely at how our clients are getting on.   It’s one thing for us to say how good we are, but another thing entirely to follow the progress and capture the stories along the journey.

For the month of October, we caught up with Mark Story, Owner of Story Electrical based in Peterborough,  who has been working with Trade Mastermind for a number of months on the Masterminds, and on the marketing support programmes.

QUESTION:   Mark, you’ve recent taken on new premises, which is a big move for you.  Tell us a bit about it.
“With the new premises, I’m hoping it will make the company look larger than we have been and attract more business-to-business opportunities. I’m a great believer in image and branding and that having premises makes you scale up from looking like a small one-man-band operating out of a domestic house. I’m also hoping it will enable me to bring in admin staff as well by having a base for them to work at, as well as being able to stock more equipment. I also think that when it comes to hiring future engineers we will look more attractive to work for.

QUESTION: What made you decide to go for it and that now was the right time? 

“I had to move on these premises quickly, I was looking a long time for somewhere, but it had to be in the ideal location. When it popped up I knew I had to strike and take the risk. Remember, as Joseph Valente always says.. “action takers get rewards”.  The premises are in the perfect location. They are on the edge of Peterborough where we do a lot of business we can serve another 5 major towns in the area like Stamford, Spalding and Bourne.

QUESTION: Tell us a little about how things are going right now for Story Electrical.

“At the moment business is going from strength to strength. Not only are we getting at least 20 car charger installs a month, were quoting and winning work on extensions, re-wires, fuse board upgrades, garage conversions, bathroom and kitchen works as well as getting more businesses getting in touch for quotes. Last week we quoted on a car workshop for a major company in Peterborough centre and today we received a request to quote for some car chargers at another major car dealerships showroom. I can already visualise us doing the work there so I’m confident the jobs will come in”

QUESTION: What is the biggest factor in this?

“A HOT Topic  in the world at the minute is anything that gives the customers the ability to save them money. The main thing is anything that they can use with solar power to utilise their free energy produced and basically charge their car for free. Also coming in is the ability to use the car as a battery storage unit itself, like what some solar systems do, and then use the stored energy to then power the property.”

QUESTION: What’s the key to wining your new business?

“I always ask my customers why they chose me. Their common answer is that I’ve come out to see them, I’ve been honest from the start with my quote and I explain how it won’t be the cheapest quote they get, but it’ll be the best service they can receive in the area. A lot of my reviews reflect this.”

QUESTION: How has the support of Trade Mastermind assisted in this?

“Trade Mastermind have supported me throughout my journey. Without them I wouldn’t know when to move forward or when to take the foot off the accelerator a bit. They’ve transformed my approach to doing business and taught me how to get leads, approach the customer with the 7 points of contact, and ultimately how to win the job. Without TM I would still be running around in a van, which was my office as well, not knowing where I was going with my business and just plodding along and not growing. I now have an electrician, an apprentice, new premises and I have a vision of where I’m taking the business in the future.”

We congratulate Mark on his new premises and wish him all the best of success.

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