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The latest Millionaire Mastermind event was hosted at the luxurious 5 Star London Hotel The Dorchester, where Joseph Valente sat down had caught up with entrepreneur Rob Moore.

Infront of an exclusive audience consisting of our Millionaire Mastermind members, Rob shared some of his top tips and secrets on how he managed to turn his life around from being £50K in consumer debt; to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire in less than 5 years!

Who is Rob Moore?

Rob Moore

At the age of 25, Rob was £50K in consumer debt; less than five years later, a self-made multi-millionaire. He co-founded the Progressive Group – starting with the Progressive Property, then Progressive Successes and the Entrepreneurs Business Academy (EBA). Robs training companies are one of the largest in the UK, & now globally.

He continues to disrupt as an entrepreneur and businessman, with interests ranging from property development to public speaking and digital media. He is a writer, communicator, social media influencer and philanthropist. His 8 books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and received over 9,000 reviews.

Having given 1,500+ speeches in the last decade, Rob is a sought-after keynote speaker. Known for his “Robs Rants” and direct, tactical content, using his real-life business experience. Rob is a mentor to many millionaires and celebrities and has helped 10,000s of start and scale up entrepreneurs.

Rob Moore – How do you get rich in a recession?

Rob Moore Speaking

After being asked by host Joseph Valente “How do you get rich in a recession”?

Rob Moore replied “ Well, the easiest way to get rich is in a recession. The hardest way to get rich is in a boom. The last few years before lockdown, how could you compete with Google or Facebook?

You couldn’t…

And now, they are letting off thousands of staff. Amazon went down a trillion in value. The first company to become a trillion dollar company and the first to lose a trillion dollars happened within a few short years.”

Rob Moore – How do you get rich in a recession continued…

Rob Moore Continued

Rob also provided some tips on how to make money in a recession:

“You have got to look at where the money was and where its going to. You want to be where the money is going to. Not where the money is flying away from. If you still have a shop, on Peterborough High Street, the money is moving away from you.

Whereas if you have just developed 142 units within the town centre of Peterborough, the money is flowing towards you. We have just finished a 42 and 99 apartment block. My business partner was concerned as he said “He didn’t know what they were going to do about filling these” because if they put them all on the market they are going to flood the market and end up competing against themselves.

We ended up putting them on the market and they went within 6 weeks. 99 apartments in Peterborough, rented in 6 weeks. That wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago. On the high street in Peterborough, the shops are closing, small businesses are closing, but those buildings that are empty are ripe for conversion, so the money is moving towards development and conversion in the centre and away from retail Highstreet.

If anyone thinks it hard to make money, then you are not awake right now! Look at all the potential there is in the world and on social media!”

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