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An Introduction to why now is the time to install EV Charging stations, before its too late!

We’ve seen a lot of new EV models coming out in the last few years, from Tesla to Chevy. The number of electric vehicles on the road has also increased dramatically, and it’s only going to keep growing.

With more electric vehicles on the road, it’s important for businesses to start thinking about how they can support them.

With the world becoming a more technological and environmentally friendly place, the automotive industry is not far behind. In November 2020, the UK Government announced that it would move forward with a ban on the sale of pure internal combustion engine cars from 2040 to 2030, but said that it will allow the sale of hybrid vehicles until 2035. The Government are providing support by subsidies & tax rebates for installing electric vehicle charging stations and are working in collaboration with manufacturers to speed up the growth of the UK’s EV charging network.

According to, a total of 108,205 EVs were sold, representing a 180% year-on-year rise and rising from 1.6% of the overall UK car market to 6.6%.  Electric vehicles are becoming more attractive to consumers due to cheaper running costs than petrol/diesel vehicles and highly responsive acceleration.

What is EV?

Electric vehicles function by plugging into a charge point and taking electricity from the grid. They store the electricity in rechargeable batteries that power an electric motor, which turns the wheels. Electric cars accelerate faster than vehicles with traditional fuel engines – so they feel lighter to drive.

According to the EPA, one traditional gas-fuelled passenger vehicle with a 22-miles per gallon range emits an average of 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. However, electric vehicles emit no CO2 or other greenhouse gases, making them much more environmentally friendly. Charging electric cars with renewable energy, like solar, ensures no CO2 is emitted at any phase of your vehicle use.

What is the future of EVs?

According to a GHD survey, 46% of UK consumers, who do not currently own a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV), would buy or very much consider buying an EV in the next five years. While the UK government’s recently announced ten-point plan prioritises the adoption of EVs, the survey clearly shows that there are challenges to the rollout in the UK. Of those interested in buying an EV, 47% responded that they were not confident they would have local access to reliable charging infrastructure. This was particularly high among those living in rural and suburban areas.

I am an Electrician; can I Install EV Charging stations?

There are a variety of electrical vehicle charging courses available which causes a little confusion because the two main courses available that many look at are the city and Guilds two-day course or a one-day course provided by training providers such as Certsure which isn’t City and Guilds.

There are others too…

If you are an electrician and do not have the relevant qualifications and approvals for installing EV charge points, you are at risk of breaching the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 (EAWR 1989) which is a statutory requirement. You are potentially installing EV installations which do not meet BS7671 or EAWR 1989 which puts the customer at risk.

I advise that if you are installing or thinking about installing EV charge points, you ensure your team are competent in doing so or risk breaching electrical and health and safety legislation which is never a great outcome. Once competent, enjoy the ever-growing industry of Electric Vehicles.

How can Trade Mastermind help you to grow your EV business to help you Install EV Charging Stations?

We are helping companies to understand and take advantage of the massive opportunity to install EV Charging stations, however there are also other opportunities within the following industries:

  • EV
  • Solar
  • Air Source Network

We have specifically targeted these industries as opposed to ground source and wind because the opportunities within those three are the most lucrative.

Within the renewables industry, the margins are phenomenal and the order values are incredible, you can sell a solar job for £10K and make £5K, and the best thing is that because the renewable industry is brand new and the demand for renewable infrastructure is so high, its EXTREMELY easy to generate a lead and make a sale.

If you do that 5 times a week you’re making £50K Revenue, £25K profit within a week. Over a month, you are making, £200K in revenue, £100K in profit. Over a year, you will make £2.4 Million in revenue and 1.2 Million in profit!! These are great numbers!

Below are some tips and insights into how our 7 Figure Renewable Business Bootcamp can help you:


If you want to grow any business, its essential that you understand the source of which you are getting leads. How many people in construction do you know or in other industries that don’t have a marketing strategy! Businesses don’t have opportunities if they don’t have leads, they can’t make sales if they have no leads. The 7 Figure Renewable Business Builder Bootcamp will teach you how to generate the best leads within the renewable sector, great cost, high converting, very sellable, game changing leads.

To become successful in business, you need to be a good marketeer, our course covers specific marketing sections that will help and improve your marketing game.


As a construction training business, one of the biggest things that we have come across over the last 2 years is that most tradesman don’t know how to sell. Trades people often sell like “Trades people”, they go into a home wearing dirty clothes after a job, unorganized, unprepared, unstructured with zero sales skills. Imagine a professional going round to a your home and trying to sell a £10K product, and they were all of the above, would you buy from them? Or would you buy from the professional that is well dressed, organized, prepared and structured?

We teach tradesman and businesses how to sell in the home. Our training is not genic sales training, its specifically designed and created for trades people around the 7 Figure Boiler Boot Camp Model that was implemented at Impra-Gas which grew from a one-man-in-a-van in 2012 to an award winning company within just 7 years with an annual revenue of almost £12 million.

Former BBC Apprentice Winner Joseph Valente teaches our students how to build field-based models, using their own sales force that sell products for the construction industry. It doesn’t matter if its bathrooms, Kitchens, renewables, Air, Solar or EV Joseph has taught every trade how to sell.

Our course gives you every opportunity to be successful in selling high ticket items, to ensure that you succeed against your competitors.


How many employees do you have in your business? If you haven’t got the right people, then your business is never going to grow. Being a one man band or having a maximum of 5 people is not enough, you have to scale. In order to get to 7 Figures, you need people and to build a business of any value you need people, systems, processes.

To grow your business its important that you recruit the BEST people and not any person in your organization draining resources, cash, time and taking up a role that somebody else could be doing effectively. Most people are afraid to hire because its a minefield, however our course teaches you how to find and recruit the best talent for your business. The course includes our Trade Recruit services and modules to assist your business in finding the best engineers and sales professionals on the job market.


This is an important question, that I want each and everyone of you asking yourselves right now, a lot of tradesman only think short term and don’t have a strategy for longer term success.

Its important to understand that if your goal is to achieve longer term success, you will only achieve this if you are willing to invest in yourself with the business training that we have to offer.

The key to building a successful business is you and becoming a Renewable Energy Entrepreneur!

The 7 Figure Renewable Business Builder includes the following modules:

  • Business Planning Masterclass
  • Business Strategy Masterclass
  • Company Structure Masterclass
  • Marketing Masterclass
  • Sales Masterclass
  • Operation Masterclass
  • Supply Chain Masterclass
  • Recruitment Masterclass
  • Human Resources Masterclass
  • Finance Masterclass
  • Management Information Masterclass
  • Exit Strategy

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