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How to lower your home boiler heating cost this winter

With Sub Zero readings and an increase in heating cost, winter is well and truly here! And as you know, winter means more boiler services….

With the cost-of-living crisis and inflation soaring, we saw an increase on household energy bills in April 2022 by 54%, energy bills were due to be increased by a further 80% in October. However, the Energy Price Guarantee limited the increase to 27%, with a further increase of 20% in April 2023.

This means Brits will have to shell out more money to keep their houses warm, households face annual bills of more than £3,500 since October.

With this in mind, we are getting more Gas Engineers on our “7 Figure Boiler Business Builder” training course advising us that they are getting questions from customers like:

“How can I lower my home heating cost this winter?”


“How can I conserve energy to lower my heating bills?”

In this article, we will list out some advice that you can use for your next boiler service appointment.

Ask your Energy provider if they can provide a free “Energy Audit”.

Training and Development

That’s when someone comes to your home and shows you how to make it more energy efficient, they can offer simple fixes like closing curtains to keep the heat in or turn ceiling fans clockwise to push warm air down.

Programmable Thermostat

This will automatically adjust the temperature, experts say 68 to 72 degrees when you’re home and lower when you are away.

Invest in better insulation

If you can invest in better insulation, you should! This will prevent heat loss through places like your attic, walls and windows.

Call your utility company/Energy provider to ask about payment plans.

A simple call to your utility provider will give you the latest information regarding your tariff and your account. Something as simple as your account being in credit, may help reduce your bills.

Government funded Solar Installation grants

The RHI is a government scheme which, as it says on the tin, promotes the use of renewables. Solar thermal panels are available through this scheme, providing they are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MSC) Certified. Check to see how much you can save with Solare panels, using this free tool.

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