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Scofi Scaled up!

Scott Reid of Scofi Energy was at Trade Mastermind HQ for one of his 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Christopher Ruggiero and Joseph Valente, and there was some very good news to share with the team.   He is a prime example of how making critical strategic changes with the right coaching and mentoring and following a blueprint, can make a significant impact on your business.   Remember, success leaves clues!

Reviewing Scofi’s figures, after consistent growth, recruiting the right people and getting the right systems and processes in place, he has just recorded his best sales month on record in September, pulling in over £200k in boiler sales.

This is an incredible achievement, Well done Scott! 🙌🙌


Joseph Valente added… “You have the title of TM’s highest-ever new boiler sales in one month.  King levels and you are just getting started and a shining example of what can be achieved when you follow the 360 training of the 7 figure boiler business builder academy 🙏”


Are you like Scott and need some guidance on how to get your business to 7 Figures?   –   Check out the academy now

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