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Introduction: 6 Reasons Why Investing In Business Coaching is Important.

Business Coaching or a business coach is a service that is available to provide advice to help you improve your business. They can help you to identify and overcome any obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your goals. You can hire a business coach for a variety of reasons, such as:

1. To grow your company profitably

The goal of any business is to maximize profits. To do this, you need to be able to make wise decisions about where and how money is spent. The first step in achieving this objective is estimating the cost of the goods and services that your company needs. The cost is the price of the goods or services you buy from a supplier in order to create something new, whether it be raw materials, employees, or other expenses. The following are some tips on how to calculate estimated costs for a company.

  • Determine the total cost of your product or service. This is the sum of all the costs that you have identified for producing your finished product or service.
  • Determine the fixed (constant) costs for producing your product or service, such as rent, utilities and salaries.
  • Estimate variable/cost-of-goods sold expenses by taking into account how much time is needed to produce one unit and calculate this amount based on hours worked per week; this will be deducted from each pay check as taxes and other expenses.

Watch Aaron Glonek’s, Client Success Story of how he managed to grow his business after attending The Trade MasterMind Academy which was delivered by one of our Business Coaches:

2. To improve your leadership skills

Leadership skills can be pursued through any of our Trade Academy Courses. These courses help business owners within the Trade and Construction business to develop their leadership potential and develop skills such as decision making, critical thinking and more. Some examples of our courses where you can gain leadership skills include:-

3. To develop new products or services

As new technologies arise, companies must find ways to implement them into their current processes. This can be a very challenging process, with many risks. However, it can also lead to new opportunities for the company and its employees. For example, AI has allowed us to develop new products and services that use these technologies to make our lives easier. Our courses will provide you with details on how you can add brand-new value-added services to maximise profit.

4. To become more efficient in the workplace as a business owner

Former customer and now one of our own Trade MasterMind Business Coaches “Paul Selman” managed to get off the tools by enrolling onto the 7 Figure Boiler Business Builder.

Watch Paul Selman’s Testimonial video and how our Business Coaches Blueprint Changed his Life:

5. To improve how the company interacts with its customers

There are many ways in which a company can improve its customer service, from making it faster and more efficient to providing personalized solutions. Some companies have even gone so far as to provide a personalized experience for each customer. For example, The American Multinational pancake house IHOP has received some negative press recently for their efforts to create an “IHOPS Experience” where, if the restaurant is busy, they chain customers together at tables and force them to share utensils. While this may be effective in terms of maximizing profit, it is not always the most humane solution. Casa de Pizza is a small chain of restaurants in the United States with a relatively large online presence. They do not have any locations in North America, but they can be found worldwide and have raised over $1.5 million for charity through this platform. Casa de Pizza provides a personalized experience for each customer based on their first name, age range, and desired taste level after browsing the menu. The website also allows customers to check out reviews from previous customers who have visited their pizza place, which is helpful in terms of deciding what it is they want to eat!

The Trade Mastermind Product Line and Courses educates our students on how to improve company interactions. This training provides the necessary tools to create a successful partnership with clients. To find out more about how we can improve company interactions book in a free strategy call with one of our dedicated Business Development Managers.

6. To enable better customer support and retention

Customer service is an essential part of any business. It promotes customer retention and satisfaction, and helps to maintain a positive brand image. But traditional customer service methods are outdated, inefficient, expensive and don’t provide the best possible experience for customers.

Scott Reid of Scofi Energy was at Trade MasterMind HQ for one of his 1-2-1 business coaching sessions with Christopher Ruggiero and Joseph Valente. During the session, his dedicated business coaches highlighted and put together a plan to improve Scott’s business strategy to ensure that solid customer support and retention foundations were put in place.

Business Coaching - Scofi

Scott followed the blue print that was set out, such as recruiting top talent and streamlining existing processes. This resulted in a record sales month on record, pulling in over £200K in boiler sales!

Scofi Energy now pride themselves on “5 Star Customer Service Experience” and declare that “We don’t just want to satisfy our customers, we want to amaze them!”

Watch Joseph Valente’s Exclusive Interview with OBE British Businessman Charlie Mullins on the importance of customer retention:

Common Business Coaching Questions and Concerns

We often get many questions from business owners within the trade industry, they often have a lot of questions and are sceptical on whether they can achieve the success that our testimonials above have achieved.

Rest Assured, you can be successful and achieve great financial success with the assistance of one of our business coaches.

If you don’t believe us, just look up our 5* Ratings on Trust Pilot.

Below are examples of some of our customer reviews:

Business Coaching - Trust Pilot Review 1

Business Coaching - Trust Pilot Review 2

Business Coaching - Trust Pilot Review 3


For more information on how we can help you to grow your business, please click the button below to book in your free Discovery Day:

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